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Is Blackberry Going Out Of Business?

I just bought a new BB Playbook, vs getting a Kindle Fire…It hasn’t came yet and everyone is telling me to return it, since BB is going out of business. I thought it was a really good price, $199– it has twice the memory as the Kindle, plus the dual cameras. It just seemed like a no brainer since the Playbook is still going for $400 other places.
If they do go out of business, how will I be able to download apps? The Playbook only has BB App world…

5 Responses to Is Blackberry Going Out Of Business?

  1. Avatar Shauna Beaton
    Shauna Beaton says:

    yes it is

  2. Bb used to be worth 88billion $ and now only 7. So yes they are going bust. I wouldnt worry about it probably will take another 5-6years until BB would be bankrupt if they go on like this and by then u probably will have a new device.

  3. Yep it is i think

  4. No their not

  5. i doubt very much they will go out of business yet. they are actually bringing out new model phones and improving apps world.