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I Found A Ipad 2. How To Find Owner?

Yesterday was my garbage day. Right before I left to go to work I needed to put a bag inside the bin, I opened it and notified someone dumped a bunch of stuff in it. Most was garbage but I saw something like a book. I picked it up and it was an iPad. I came from work and looked at it more and it’s white and has a nice cover. It’s 64 gb and looks new. It has no passcode and is filled with a bunch of old songs from the 70s. It has Verizon wifi so someone is paying monthly. It has no history and no identification. How to find who’s it is? Should I just keep it?

12 Responses to I Found A Ipad 2. How To Find Owner?

  1. Avatar Tenma Tsukamoto
    Tenma Tsukamoto says:

    craigslist lost & found

  2. Avatar Alfonzo Jones
    Alfonzo Jones says:

    Finders keeps, niqqa. It’s yours now.

  3. Avatar Capt. America, USMC
    Capt. America, USMC says:

    Put it on eBay and you’ll find its new owner.

  4. if no one has for it over a week or more keep it! lol
    but the right thing to is call verizon and tell them you found a lost ipad and they may ask to see the code on the back? maybe lol i did that for a phone just had to read the numbers behind the battery.

  5. Well if you don’t want to keep it, I would go onto apples website, enter the serial number on the back of the ipad, and then talk to apple to have them figure whose ipad it is. If that doesnt work, go to verizon and talk to them. If even that doesnt work, just keep it.

  6. Avatar Karli Sincovich
    Karli Sincovich says:

    take it to the polise and they will find the owner.
    dont keep it incase its someones ;)

  7. Avatar Tman Vegas
    Tman Vegas says:

    I would keep it, its their responsibility to keep track of there stuff. if they cancel there payment, ti doesnt matter, because wifi is free, so its just like a computer, you can hook it up to the internet with an eithernet cable and a modem, or go t o a store or have a router for wireless connection FREE

  8. Avatar NYC EMT
    NYC EMT says:

    The only thing you could do is bring it to a police station. The police have more important things to do then look for the owners of missing items, so I doubt they will ever find the owner and they wouldnt give it back to you. Since it sounds like a burglary type situation they may have filled a report but if there is no way for you to find they owner, i doubt they can. I say enjoy your new iPad. I have one they are pretty sweet. Just make sure you wont get in trouble for possession of stolen goods, which would automatically be put on you since you have the ipad.

  9. Avatar Anon Emouse
    Anon Emouse says:

    Take it to your local Apple Store and tell them that you found it. They should be able to find the owner.

  10. Avatar Absolut
    Absolut says:

    Wipe it clean and sell that shiz bro.

  11. if you take it to an apple store they can find the owner. you could also send the owner an e-mail by send an email to your self from the email client in the i pad and then send an email to that address. seeing as it is and verizon ipad the idea of trying to sell it is going to be hard as verizion is cdma so there is no gsm card to take out and that ipad is kind of assigned to the owner.

  12. Avatar Ashu Negi
    Ashu Negi says:

    RUN around the city with it in one of ur hands and shouting loudly whom it belongs to.